60 Day Trial Extension


I am currently using a 60 day trial period licence for UiPath Studio Enterprise edition.
Is there a way I can get this period extended? My team are looking to complete the tutorial content and perform testing on some of our datasets.

I have tried to reach out via the licence query form and have yet to receive a response. UiPath’s phone number only prompts me to leave a message.

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We can’t extend trail license for Enterprise edition. If you want to continue with Enterprise edition then you need to buy license and use it.

Else you can use Community Edition and it’s free to use.


Thanks - we are in the process of finalising arrangements for purchasing full commercial licences - but this is not likely to resolved for a few weeks. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to use community licence as per our company’s policy. Any extension would be required only for this bridging period.

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Please contact UIpath support team and see. Sorry, We don’t have any idea on this.

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Thanks for your help. I have already submitted a request here a few days ago but yet to receive a response. Is there typically a long response time?

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Yes some times it will take time to reply back.

No problem. Is there an alternative means of contact as we will need to escalate soon? Appreciate that this is not really your area.