UiPath Framerwork not changing

Hello. I created a new process project but after I set a click activity, when I came to indicate the element on the screen, it was highlighted in green. It used to be blue in color. I read that I need to change the UI framework to UiAutomation in UiExplorer option settings. However, after setting it to to UiAutomation, there is no save button. And if I close it, it restores back to using the Default Ui Framework. How to fix this?


As per my knowledge if you try to capture properties for any Ui element by default it will select default framework. if we wish to change we have to go with F4 hotkey to change the Ui framework.

As your correctly mentioned we don’t have any save option in the UI explorer to save the Ui framework through out automation. The UiPath team should enable some kind of option in the UI explorer so that it should save the desired Uiframework.

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The only way I can capture an element is by opening it in UiExplorer. If I press on the Indicate on Screen beside an activity or click on Edit Selector then press Indicate Element, they both show a green highlight. It used to be blue in color. I don’t think I changed anything.

Something I realized between my other projects and the new project process is in the Design menu, 4 options are different.



Perhaps that could be the issue.

No. it is not related to Ui Framework.

it is due to UiPath newly introduced modern design experience. in modern design experience you could find this table extraction component and all.

you can switch back to classic design experience if you want.

the Ui frame work for me also it is showing like default if i wish to change i am pressing the F4 to change the framework.

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As you see that there was a difference in the new and older version

If you want to get the old activities and use those you can still do below configuration

Hope this may help you


Yeah, you’re right. I guess I’ll have to get used to it. I just thought it was a setting that I changed in the program. Anyways, the functionalities are still the same as the old version, so not a big deal. Thx.

Yeah you are true. We hope uipath will introduce option to save ui framework throughout project.

It is nice connecting with you. Thanks.