About the problem of writing Excel

As shown in the figure, how is the data obtained by the loop written into the Excel table in turn?

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use read range activity to read the excel and convert it to datatable .you acan use for each row activity to loop through each row in the excel

How to make this data continue to be entered under the last data table, instead of emptying the previous data.

What is get data? where are you getting the data from? is it a datatable?

I need to loop the data from the web page and write it to Excel, but I don’t know how to aggregate the data from each loop into an Excel table.
Can you understand my question?

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is it in table format in web page? then you can you data scraping

It is no problem to grab data. My problem is mainly when I write to Excel. For example, the data I crawled for the first time is written to Excel, and then cycled to the second time for data to be written back to Excel, which will overwrite the data for the first time. I need to let it continue to write the first data, not overwrite it.

you can use the append range instead of write range

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you can directly write the data table using write range activity or if you still feel looping is needed go with append range

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Yes, this is the event.
Thank you!

Thank you. That’s exactly the reason.
You’re great!

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