Write Range Activity

I have use DataTable to get text from web browser. It worked to get the correct data but there is an issue for the activity " Write Range" to excel file as it keeps repeating writing in many rows without stopping. May I know what shall I do just to get one row?
Thank you


Sorry I didn’t get you.

I guess you used Data scraping Activity to scrape the data from browser and will give you output as dataTable. Then you used Write Range Activity and passed that output dataTable into it to write into Excel file.

Then what are you trying and what error are you getting ?

Hey @Perri,

Are you trying to get only one row from the scraped data and want to write it into excel?

If that is the case then you can use the approach below:
//dt should be of type datatable and ScrapedDT is the datatable you scraped from the webpage.

-Use excel application scope and write range activity
and use dt generated in the first step in the write range activity.

There is no error but the script running non stop . it keep repeating rows with correct info in excel file .

Thank you :slight_smile: The issue has solved.