Workbook Write range issue

I am trying to extract data from web using get text activity and write the data in existing excel file.
I am able to extract the text and using Generate data table activity converting string into a data table, when using write range activity to write the text it writes every data in a single cell by replacing the old data.

Pls help me


@koussighan25 It looks like in the Generate data table it has only one row. Thats was updating in the excel within the first row

You can check the data table rows count using datatable name.rows.count

I guess the way you are converting the string to data table would be wrong. Please use the below doc


Try to use Build Datatable and define your columns

Use For Each row activity and inside that use Get Text activity and declare the variables

After that use Add Row activity and pass the variables, at the end you can use Write Range activity to write back to excel

Hope this may help you


Thanks for your reply i have go through.

@Srini84 Thanks, will try this method also.