About the installation of Uipath Robots

Is it possible to select only the “UiPath Robots” installation option in the installation steps of UiPath studio?How can I only install UiPath robots?


The following document will help you. If we choose AttendedRobot (or UnattendedRobot), Studio wont be installed.



Hi @shenyu

No, it is not possible to select only the “UiPath Robots” installation option during the installation of UiPath Studio. UiPath Studio and UiPath Robots are components of the UiPath Platform, and they are installed together. UiPath Studio is the development environment where you create and edit automation workflows, while UiPath Robots execute those workflows on target machines. If you only require the UiPath Robots component without the Studio, you can install on a separate machine, commonly referred to as a “Robot machine”. This setup allows to publish and execute automation projects on the Robot machine without UiPath Studio.

Therefore, to install UiPath Robots only, you would install UiPath Studio on your development machine and UiPath Robots on the target machine where you want the automation to be executed.

Hope it helps!!

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