Download UIRobot ONLY

How do I only download UIRobot onto a server/cmputer/vps

I dont want studio or anything else that comes with the community edition just uirobot. Please let me know

you can choose during the installation process to only install UiRobot

From Docu:
There are two installers which can help you install Robot on your computer: UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe and UiPathStudio.msi . The only difference between the two is that the UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe setup can also help you install Orchestrator.

Where can i get those files?

from the official uipath website download

I only see the option to get studio from here?

You Had installed in the past UiPath. So you already have the Setups, right?

Yea I did but when I search tese files I cant find them. Let me know where to locate them

it depends on your situation if you use it private or commercial. So I suggest following to you:

  • read term and conditions and decide what is fitting to you
  • login with your credentials and navigate to ressources

However as this topic was initial about install robot only and so let the discussion clean on this only. For other questions maybe it is already answered in the forum or just open a new topic with your specific question.

But I never got the answer? I still dont know how or where to install robot only I am using it for private project

as mentioned above during the installation process you can choose to install UiRobot only without studio