About extracting data in client application

Hi all
I want to extract data from these application and paste into notepad
The data to be extracted is shown below

//pictures were removed due to maybe containing sensitive information

In that application it extracts half of the data only remaining data i need to scroll down and do extract
How to implement this can you pls help me

Hello @317-Hemalatha_G

Will it be feasible to export this as some file in the application itself??

We do not have download or export options available in that application only we can copy and paste data.

Hi @317-Hemalatha_G,

This might require to select the correct selector that highlights the whole div tag containing the full data.

Ashwini Kempraj

Hi ashwini i used get OCR activity to extract data but it extracts whichever data is present insid rectangular box remaining data we need to scroll down.
And if we scroll down if we use get OCR Text activity it extracts second half of the data but not the above data in the top of the page

This was the issue i need to extract a complete set of data.

Hi @317-Hemalatha_G,

By the look of it this application is just a presentation layer for a PDF file generated by some ERP system. Since it is a presentation layer, you as a user / the robot can use the menus of the application such that the entire page is visible at a time.

  1. Do try looking into what other options you have other that Fit Width. May be there is one which says, original size or fir to page etc.

    This way if you want to continue to scrape the data using the OCR, you might get the entire page. Remember OCR is dependent on your/robot screen resolution. By choosing the Fit to Page option may be this will worsen the OCR results as the screen being scrapped will probably end up having a lot of empty space and text (PDF) in the portrait mode. So do remember to alter your target region.

  2. Since this is a presentation layer, there will also definitely be some form of extraction of data, either as you said by copying the text or perhaps some export pdf function as @Rahul_Unnikrishnan suggested. If this is available, then you should try the UiPath PDF activities instead of using OCR.

  3. Anchor based get text may be another way to extract information here, but I have my doubts this will work.

Last but not the least
4. You are sharing an image which may or may not be public information. It is bad practice to dox individuals or company information in a public forum. You could have blurred the company / entity name at the minimum. @loginerror possibly sensitive information in this question.

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