Extracting specific PDF data from the specific page

Hi ,

Am trying to extract few data from a particular PDF with 3 pages (in a table format).
For eg,
say, 1. Name (in page 1), 2. Address (in page 1), 3. spouse details (in page 3), 4. Family name (in page 2).

I need to extract this data and write in to an existing Excel sheet that contains the header Name, Address, Spouse details and a Family name.

I tried using “Read PDF”, “Read PDF with OCR”, “Selectors”, “Screen scrapping”.
Facing issues with taking a data from multiple pages. Can anyone give me some ideas/suggestions/solutions on how to handle this. It will be more helpful for me in completing a critical timelined project.

Thanks in Advance!


Hi @kk.virags,

you can first go to that tabular data format through search either if it contains a fixed heading always or the first header if it fixed move towards that particular column from which column data you want to extract and then Control +c then store the column data using get from clipboard activity and then pass it on to the excel sheet it should write the required data

I hope this helps


Hi Srishsai,

Thanks for your time on this. But, Sorry i didnt get what you meant… Could you please explain me in detail on which method/way should i extract from PDF? What do you mean by tabular data format and through search? and CTRL C?
Are you explaining the Recording way of UI path?or any other? sorry… please explain me again?


Hi @kk.virags,

The data you are trying to extract is in tabular format in the pdf?

if yes then it is easy to extract the data as i mentioned just copy it and set it to clipboard and pass it to excel sheet .