Unable to extract complete data from a Desktop application

Hi All,

I am trying to extract data from a desktop application, where the data looks like in tabular form(Attached images). I am able to extract data from 1st column(out of 3 columns) only. I tried to change selectors, but it never reads the data from last two columns.
While using UiExplorer, it highlights the items from the first column only. Any possible leads are welcome.



Hi People,

I have a similar issue as posted above. I was trying to complete chapter 7 exercise and tried to extract value from the application itself but unable to extract the expected value.

No matter whatever i am trying to extract from the application, it is always extracting the value i type into application.

I have used below methods but nothing worked:

  1. Scrape relative
  2. Get OCR Text ( native, terrasect/microsoft, full text) by scaling up and down

Below is the link for the xaml file for my code:

It always picks up the 1st value instead of 2nd as shown in uploaded image:

Hope someone can help solving this.

Thanks in advance for your efforts and help!!

Did you try with Data scrapping ?

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Data scraping just supports the extraction for structured data ( in form of rows and columns).
Basically, i tried and didn’t work :confused: