How to Scrape text with OCR where data is available in multiple pages (using scroll bar)

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I am trying to extract data from a desktop application where uipath fails to read full data. So i have to read it with OCR. And the data can be in more than one page so i have to scroll down using scroll bar. I am not sure how to extract data while scrolling down without duplicating the contents extracted.



I suggest you to use Abbyy FC 12 or you need to split multiple pages to one page but you need to work more hard.


Thanks for the prompt response.

I am not sure how to find out which part of the screen has been captured and which part is not captured while the robot is executing the script.

could you tell me what activity u used?

Hi Irahmat,

We have tried every possible option. UiPath team is already looking for a possible solution on this. I have to read it with OCR for the time being.


@arun_sharma : Hello Arun, I am facing similar kind of issue. Did you get any solution on this?


Hi @AkankshaP ,

I used API call to solve this.


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Can you explain more in API and what is it. can you share work flow.

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They’re probably referring to the OCR API. UiPath’s OCR activities have come a long way in the past 6 months.

For more information on the API, it’s an Application Programming Interface. You can read more about it here. @Rupendankhara