Able to hover a button but unable to click a button which is ( hidden via javascript or CSS ) ,Also pass data to a browser popup

Click Edit button (via hovering)

  1. Clicked Check box .
  2. Checkbox display block appears.
  3. Found a element that i want to Hover. (hovering works well)
  4. Now i am not able to click Edit button ((which is in hidden state via Javascript or CSS).
    Attached a screenshot below:

Pass Data inside Browser popup:(or javascript prompt popup) and click ‘OK’

Selectors i have altered as below but still not working -

click Edit button-
<webctrl tag='SPAN' class='glyphicon glyphicon-edit' parentclass='btn item-edit-toggle' parentid='29e3320c-8b85-42b0-885f-6e87ec252cfa'
uipath_custom_id='829' />

Click Attribute button:
<webctrl aaname='+ Attribute' parentid='29e3320c-8b85-42b0-885f-6e87ec252cfa' tag='BUTTON' />

Did you look at this

Alternatively, you can use UiExplorer and use two consecutive Click Activity to achieve this


you can you can directly navigate to the page which opens after the click with Navigate To


@PrankurJoshi Thanks for ur reply

This is not working ,i checked this already.

In the 1st attached screenshot you can see a Frame .if you select blocks like -checkbox,date ,time,etc,etc that will get added to that frame,
So now i clicked on Checkbox ,A block Checkbox will get added to frame ,there i have to locate the button ( + ) and hover over it and click on Edit button.

The main problem here is ,i am not able to indicate Edit button via UIpath tool.

For now if i click indicate element on screen , tool -->points towards (+) button and the hovering functionality not happens when used from UIpath. .

(+) is in hidden state via javascript or css.

clicked f2 button ,counter started for 3 seconds…Hover buttons appeared then clicked on edit button ,but the edit button selector is not captured.

Finally found Solution with click image .