Able to find image, but not to click on it (on cmm.exe window, can't even get the information of the running process eventhough I'm launching UiPath as admin)

Hey everyone,

Sorry to bother you, but I have quite a problem.

I’m trying to change some parameters of Windows Hello Entreprise using UiPath (I want to see if it’s possible to automate the set-up of a computer).

So, I need to change some parameters with the use of the gpedit.msc window (running on mmc.exe), however, when running in admin, I can detect the window and the display with activites like “Find image”, and I can even highlight the displayed image. However, I can’t click on it (the “double click” activity isn’t crashing, but there is no change on the window, as if the click is filtered, and even the “Element Exists” activity tells me the “mmc.exe” is not running.

Everything is running in admin, so I don’t really get what I can do :confused:

I join you the disturbing part of my automation, however, my Windows 10 is set up in French, so, I deleted the title of all my applications, however, my image will not run in English, you would need one like this: image (16.6 KB) :wink:

Sorry for my English (yes, you can guess, I’m French), and thank you for reading what I wrote, and thank you a thousand times if you try my project and give me a bit of feedback :smiley:

The window I am trying to interact with:
image (can be launched with Windows + R and writing “gpedit.msc”)

The window you should have in an english OS :

Hi @Pika

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Could you share some more information about the version of your Studio and the UiAutomation package from the Package Manager?

I’ve just launched my Studio as administrator and it properly selects all fields of the gpedit.msc window. It has to be possible, so let’s find a way how :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your welcome and your feedback @loginerror!

My UiAutomation Package is in 19.3.0:

And, my version of Studio is 2019.3.0 :

I have been able to interact with the gpedit.msc window pretty easily with another solution in an RDA configuration with the basic recorder (Workfusion), so I really don’t get why my UiPath script can’t (because you can, I guess I have a specific problem with my settings).

If you have any ideas of what I could try, please tell me :smiley:

The only difference that I’m seeing is that I’m already on 2019.4.0, but you can easily update to it (actually, you should have been already auto-updated automatically).

How it works for me:

  1. If I don’t open my Studio as administrator, then I can only select entire blocks of interface of the gpedit window (toolbar, left side, right side)
  2. If I do open my Studio as administrator, I can select everything.

There really shouldn’t be more to it :confused:

Could you try with the 2019.4.0 and beta UiAutomation package? On how to get the beta feed for your packages, see here:

After adding all you need to do is to check the “Include Pre-releases” checkbox in your Package Manager.

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I launched UiPath this morning, it was still in 2019.0.3, I just change the feed 2 times (Stable → Beta → Stable) and reboot my UiPath Studio to get the 2019.0.4 with the auto-update!

And, it finnally works :smiley:
The process is detected and I can interact with the window.

Thanks for your answer, yes, the solution was to update UiPath Studio xD

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I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that to run a robot that is supposed to interact with the elevated app you will also need to launch it with elevated permissions (otherwise it will throw an error) :slight_smile:

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