Abbyy OCR


when I am trying to scrape text from image using Abbyy ocr engine getting the following error.
I have attached the screenshot for your reference.
I am trying to fix this issue but not get the correct answer yet,can someone help me to fix this issue.



You will need to instal the finereader abbyy sdk RUN TIME License for this to work.


Ok Thanks @thuylam

Is there any alternate to scrape the text from handwritten forms in uipath,or
How to scrape the text from handwritten images in uipath.


Short answer is that this is almost impossible. Even with abbyy you won’t get the handwriting. if you do the accuracy is pretty bad. would suggest converting the input into electronic form. There are a couple of products out their provided by abbyy that can address the hand written text, but they will need to write on a preprinted form. You could invest time in using azure machine learning and get that to translate you handwriting, but this is a costly and expensive exercise. you will need to learn python as well.


Thank you for your response @thuylam


It is possible to schedule the task in uipath community edition?


are you saying any task? or ocr task?


Any Task in Uipath



Not with uipath but with windows task scheduler you can.



I have installed Abby Fine reader 10 professional edition , also its a Run time Activated license. I am still facing the following error:
“Abbyy OCR : Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine”.
Its a 32 bit software , Can you please suggest resolution for the same.

Thanks & regards,
Lucky Jaral


you need the key generated by uipath.


how to get that Key from Uipath?