How can I extract data from handwritten scanned image



I have some different documents as attached as follows:

  1. Excel sheet
    excelcopy.xlsx (7.9 KB)

I need to extract firstname and lastname from this two files…


Hi sunitha,

read_excel.xaml (8.0 KB)


tq @lakshman suppose if I have a receipt like this

can I able to extract only the name?


I tried screen scraping with MICROSOFT OCR Engine and getting printed text only but not handwritten text.


thank you for trying @lakshman but my main intention is to get data from various scanned images and also read_excel.xaml file is having only the excel data not the other image data


You’ll need an ICR solution, and seeing how it’s written, an excellent one at that. “Normal” OCR will just return garbage.
As a person I’m having a hard time reading what’s on that image… I wouldn’t put much faith in this working out, to be honest :frowning:

Reading Hand written Text from scanned PDF

@andrzej.kniola, according to abbyy documentation in internet… this abbyy engine can perform both icr and ocr… cant we use that in uipath


You could try (there are topics about using ABBYY with UiPath, check the forums), but what I’m saying is that the quality of the handwriting is very poor and thus even a good ICR solution might struggle.

Good luck anyway, hope it works out for you!


How it is possible to extract the data from the image and write it in excel form?
give solution

in advance


How it is possible to extract data from the image and write it into the excel file…please give some tips

in advance.


There are couple of ways to do it.

  • OCR screen scraping
  • Read PDF with OCR"

Both will return string output which will give you more work :stuck_out_tongue: to extract each string from entire plain text .
You need to make use of string manipulation( splitting,indexing ans substring) to get each item and then use either write cell or build the data table followed by write range activity to export to excel.


Handwritten text can be extracted using ICR only. If you want to do OCR go with Abby OCR


how you convert hand written text in excel file?


Hello everyone,
Even I have a pdf which is actually a scanned form. I want to extract the handwritten information from the pdf but I was unable to do so. I used Google and Microsoft OCR but it didn’t give me the result that I want. I used Abbyy OCR also but still I wasn’t able to get the data I want. Is there any other solution in Uipath??


Not sure but i think that reading handwritten scanned document cannot be read yet in UiPath, have a similar requirement it could be done using ABBY fine reader but not in UiPath


Well, I tried Abbyy fine reader also but it didn’t work in that also


ABBYY fine reader is not for that. You have to use ABBYY FlexiCapture which is not free. You have to request ABBYY team for the demo.