Read hand written text from documents



  • I have been using UiPath for quite dome time and now i’m looking for a stable solution to read hand written data from documents.

  • I have already went through all the posts about reading text with ocr.

  • Now im having an tool named ABBYY which is quite good for ocr but when it comes to hand written text its not very useful so im looking for other OCR or ICR technique or tools that will help me

  • Please provide solutions.

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The best tool for the hand written text is the ABBYY OCR Engine. You have to play with ABBYY OCR Engine properties to extract that text as good as this engine can.



@Ninett_Panfir, But when it comes to accuracy it lags right…

Or is there any technique or best practice available to enhance accuracy


Hi, yes… you have to play a little bit with the OCR Engine properties - with the scale especially, language and all the properties that this engines have.



i tried this Abbyy OCR Engine but still not getting proper output…
it comes with one error(Error Performing OCR: abbyyErrorLoadEngine)
plz help me to solve this
Thnq in advance



Do you have a licence for Abbyy OCR Engine right? (I am asking because this one is not free). If you have and is not working with this document, please try first to see if is working with a scanned PDF without hand written text and let me know.