Abby integration with uipath (fcdot templates)

Hi people,

Need an urgent help!
I want to know how to run fcdot template on your sample test images or pdfs through uipath. I have searched but couldn’t find any suitable solution.

Do we always have to load our test images in Abby flexicapture?
According to my findings, we can extract (data through process document activity in uipath) of only those pdfs or images which were processed in abby flexicapture. Other test files will not retrieve data.
Am i right?
Is there any way to do that?

How come we fully automate this process (i.e. uipath to get test images from a folder and extract required data)
Also i came to know about abby connector. Unfortunately i have standalone version and connector works for distributed version.

You have to create a FSP project First and then Crete a .afl file to be called in UiPath, then the uipath can read all the images in that particular folder

Thanks for your support @WhenCutEsh.
In flexilayout i believe we create a batch of images. If we add more images to that batch later on or we create a process to get images from email attachments and place them in a particular folder(batch folder) on daily basis. Will those images be read by that .afl file ?

yes it will

hi @WhenCutEsh thank you understanding our concern. Could you please share project file in which you extracted the data from flexilayout and import in uipath with all test images and batch folder. your quickly response will appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Currently I Cant share anything After You have created a the FCDOT File use IntelligentOCR Activities Pack in that use image , you have proper documentation in the abby Website as well