ABBYY Flexicapture 12 invoice data extraction error

I’m currently working on invoice processing using Abbyy Flexi capture 12 Engine and I’m having trial license from UiPath for abbyy engine. While doing the project in Abbyy I’m unable to get extracted data for different kind of invoice form. Can anyone help me in this. Please…

what do you mean by this? can you please give some more information for better understanding.

did you defined the blocks properly? or what type of output data you are getting?

We are extracting 3 data from the,Invoice number, invoice amount and invoice date. Since we are using invoices with different formats we are unable to extract it properly using abbyy… Can you help me to properly extract data from abbyy?

can we get trail version of ABBY Flexi Engine from UiPath…?
if yes could you share me how to approach…

you can get for that you need to approach your CSM or UiPath sales team

Flexicapture is template based If you want your solution to work irrespective of your template you can get Abbyy for Invoices where machine learning capabilities were also included in it. contact UiPath Sales team or your CSM to get trial of Abbyy for Invoices.

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