Abbyy Flexicapture Extraction Issue

I am using Abbyy to extract data from invoice pdf and when I use Abbyy administrator I can see all fields are extracting but when i use the same to extract in uipath it is not extracting. how to solve this error.


@Naga_Kandepu ,

can you brief little more, how you are doing it in UiPath. Are you using Abbyy Flexicapture conector to call the Abbyy Project from UiPath to extract the data?

@Naga_Kandepu Can you try this resource here: ABBYY Flexicapture integration with UiPath?

Alternatively you can also try the Nanonets Cognitive OCR UiPath connector: NanoNets OCR - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

No I am using Abbyy activities and Intelligent OCR Activities provided by uipath to call Abbyy models.