Abbyy Flexi capture

Hi I can’t find the Abby flexicapture in the can get it? I had a enterprise license , not community .plz help?

Hi @asher.yu ,

For Abby OCR activity to work, you need to install ABBYY FineReader Engine and purchase a license for it.

Its not an free version.


Hi can I understand in this way once I install the flexicapture engine 12, I will got a Flexi capture activitiy in the uipath?

Hi @asher.yu,

1.paste the Abby flexicapture package in the package folder. uipath click add package button to install the package in uipath. in the activity tab you will get the activity.

If you install the Abby flexicapture package you will get the activity in the activity tab.

Refer this post too


Thanks and how can I purchase a flexicapture package? I’ve contacted with the Abbyy agent, they just told me they can offer the abbyy flexicapture engine,but they know nothing about the uipath package.

@ovi, @badita can you help on this post

Abbyy has 2 products . Finereader engine sdk and flexicapture engine ask could you plz help to tell me which one could be used for the flexicapture . I ve try the finereader sdk before,but I just find the latest release of uipath could support the flexicapture.this is great, so I want to give it a try, then I just don’t know how to use it

We re doing some POCs for the client. We just want to got some trial license to do some tests, I ve contacted the abbyy agent in China, but they just dont know about the uipath. I ve tried the abbyy cloud engine and finereader engine sdk, but there is a problem, we can not design a template or a layouts ,train the robot to learning to recognize the documents. In practice, we usually face the situation is that the scancopy wasn’t a standard format,I knew the abbyy flexicapture can do that. Then I find u integrated it into the uipath,that is what I need.

Hey @asher.yu

There is log of confusion above let me clear some things for you.

You can use Abby cloud ocr having some 50 pages process limitation and that will be valid till 3 months. Obtain the credentials from abby site.

For Abby Fine Reader and Flexicapture u will have a license key so have to contact them for trial and other stuff.

Flexicapture there is no prebuild package yet available but hopping soon.
but it comes with own many thing. you can go with Flexicapture Distributed Setup so you can use them easily after setting them in Distributed systems.

Flexicapture system comes with many components like


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HI Aksh,
I know that if I want to use the abbyy Finereader or abbyy Capture I need a license.

And I ve already contacted with the abbyy’s Agent and planed to buy some licenses.

I just watched a video yesterday in uipath academy , and found that in the firely release, the flexi capture have already been prebulded in the activities.

Is this package available now?

Where i can get this package, i can’t find it in all the activities.

could you please just tell me , I already have a finereader SDK license, if i want to use this flexcapture, Is it still need to buy a flex capature SDK?

Thanks in advance.

I m not aware might be in beta release @badita / @ovi / @Gabriel_Tatu /@adrian Will you give some updates on this… will be helpful

They both are different software and needs. Flexicapture is much more powerful to deal with unstructured data pattern for intelligent automation :slight_smile:


You can find the Flexicapture Activities beta package on the Beta Feed. Be aware that there are still bugs and the packet is still in development, but its usable :slight_smile:

So that was true :slight_smile: thanks for the update @Gabriel_Tatu



…next you’ll need to contact our support for a trial license :slight_smile:

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Could you please let me know where can i find the Flexicapture Activities package? I couldn’t find it any where in both the 2017 and 2018 version package manager.


they said the fc package is in the beta version.



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Hi You means I could got a trial license from your support?How can i contact with your support?

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And Could u plz kindly tell me ,where I coud get the beta seed?

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I have installed Beta Package and i have seen some of the activities related to FlexiCapture. Could you please explain about FlexiCapture activities??