Installation of Abbyy flexicapture

How to install Abbyy flexicapure and how to integrate with uipath and abbyy flexicapture trial version is available or not

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Hey Arun
if you already have abby flexi capture studio in your system
then you can install UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities of version 3.1.0 and you can do your Process

Hi @Arun.k

Check this

Ashwin S

please tell me abbyy flexicapture trail version is available or not.

trial version is available
here are two options of ABBYY FlexiCapture integration with UiPath:

  • SDK

  • Distributed
    which one you have?

i do not know how to install it

Hi @Arun.k

Go to Manage Packages and type UiPath.Intelligent.Ocr activities

Ashwin S

do you have two license keys??
i can forward you the steps to install it!

which licence

please forward steps to install it

which abby application you have right now?

I do not have abbyy Flexi Capture application. Can please guide me set up Abbyy Flexi Capture with Uipath

if you dont have abbyy flexiCapture studio in your system
you can use Abbyy Ocr and Abbyy Cloud Ocr to extract details
Abbyy flexi capture activity it’s built to use after training images or pdf’s from Abbyy flexi capture studio and get the desired output

you can request a free trial version of abbyy flexicapture from their website
cheers @Arun.k
if you have any others doubts regarding this feel free to ask

I have already tried Abbyy Cloud Ocr but it’s not able to scrap hand written data properly. I am not getting free trial version of Abbyy Flexicature .

Try this activity “Read Handwritten Text” install this package “UiPath.MicrosoftVision.Activities"

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