How to get ABBYY OCR engine Trial license?


I’m Song, an RPA developer in Korea.

I’m going to extract text from images in PDF files using OCR Engine.

I reviewed the Microsoft and Google Engines.
It had a very low recognition rate of Korean (Language).

I watched a video (UiPath & ABBYY Framework Demo) on YouTube while I was researching other products.

So, I’m going to apply the ABBYY OCR engine.

Question 1
How to get ABBYY OCR engine Trial license?

Question 2
See links to forums.

There is the ABBYY OCR beta package(Flexicapture activities).
and @ Gabriel_Tatu said the package can be downloaded from Beta Feed.

Could you send me the download link address or file?

Question 3

Please tell me the procedure, condition, and price of the ABBYY Flexicapture activities(UiPath) / SDK.

See this -

and this -

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Hi. @PrankurJoshi prankurjoshi

link - ABBYY Flexicapture integration with UiPath

I refer to the link, Installed “the UiPath.FlexiCapture.Activities”

And I studied the Uipath Activities Guide (About the IntelligentOCR Activities Pack)

In conclusion,
I need " ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK trial ver. "

How can I get support from the UiPath Support Team ?

Thanks for the support

And Hello @ovi i

link - Does UiPath team provide the ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine SDK Trial

I checked the link.

How can I get a ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK Trial version?

Question 2
If I buy ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK, please let me know the cost, terms and conditions.

Please contact me.

Here -

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I come to help,

I am doing training with Abbyy Partner in Thailand. so far I know, you need to contact to Abbyy Sales team to have a license.

note that UiPath will never provide Abbyy license for you.

Fly Away!!

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Hello irahmat ~~ ^^

oh…really ??

link - Does UiPath team provide the ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine SDK Trial

I thought this link would help me get it from the UiPath support team.

If I receive SDK from ABBYY,
what version should I get? 11 and 12 ??

I can’t contact the support team because I’m a community version user. T.T

UiPath 2018 and Abbyy FC 12.

as UiPath Said That “NDA will be required” and I’ve done before.

with your situation now, better you visit abbyy website and request for trial.

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Thanks a lot!
I’ll do as you say!

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I got a call from ABBYY partner.
ABBYY can’t supply directly
and… get it through UIPATH.

I’ve checked it many times,
ABBYY partner said we could not supply ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK.

Do you know the contact E-mail for the person in charge of UiPath?

did you used your company email?

sound so weird, Abbyy Partner but could not supply their SDK?

if like that try to ask UiPath that I never done before. sorry.


I sent an email to the UiPath support team,
I haven’t received a definite answer.
I want to test it as soon as possible, and introduce the uipath and abbyy modules.

Somebody help me, please.T.T

what country are you working in? Please check on this link Find ABBYY Partners

sorry mate, I cannot do anything to help you. please wait their response.

fly away!

For now UiPath only provides the Abbyy sdk if you make the request with your company email (that means if you use Trial or Enterprise version). For Community Edition we are considering providing it in future releases.



Hi Ovi,

I got the same situation here, i want to do a PoC and it involves OCR capability from ABBYY.

How do i get the ABBYY flexicapture engine trial license?


I can get you trial for ABBYY FlexiCapture .

Hello Rafael,

I just wanted to enquire if you could help me get a trial for Abbyy FlexiCapture.
I was looking for something more like a Community edition of Abbyy Flexicapture .
If possible could you guide me to the download link aswell.

Thank you,

@Anusha_Makam Have you look this Thread

There is no community edition but you can get trial for enterprise contact UiPath sales team