ABBYY Cloud OCR Input


As far as i researched, ABBYY Cloud OCR has the capability to extract hand written content from scanned PDF document provided the region of hand written text is fed to the OCR engine. Screen scraping doesnt display the option of ABBYY cloud OCR. Is it possible to pass the region inside Read PDF using OCR with ABBYY cloud OCR and If yes, please tell me how.


First thing first hope you have Abby license to use it which comes with Application Id and Password.

  • Once all set you can simply drag Read Pdf with OCR activity and add ABBYY cloud OCR in the container .


  • If your looking for specific relative region then you could use Get OCR activity (indicting on the screen) and replace default Google OCR with Abby Cloud OCR.

And regards to your below query :

UiPath Working on it.

I used Get OCR text activity as suggested but the ABBYY OCR couldn’t recognize the text even when scale options are modified since the document is less legible. Thank you for your inputs though. Please let me know if you have come across any OCR engine that could extract hand written text. Mostly the text that needs to be extracted is numeric