AAD integration with Uipath Apps executing Unattended workflows


We are trying cleanup our users and are looking into integrating our Azure AD with the orchestrator.

We have changed the Authetication settings to use SSO and AAD, that works fine. But now the users of the Apps can’t get access to the unattended robot anymore.

Basically we would like to add the AD group to the role “automation user” - which in theory should grant them access to the Orchestrator and give them the possibility to execute robots, at least it works for the local user created manually in the orchestrator.

We would like to achieve the following;
Add the AD user group to “Automation User” role
Add the AD user group to the Uipath App they should use
And that should do the trick, but the process gives an error.

Any good advise to simplify the user handling?

The default “Automation User” role doesn’t have the necessary permissions to run Unattended. This is likely the issue you’re running into.

Two suggestions:

  1. Creating and adding users to a second role, with both tenant level and folder lever permissions for Orchestrator that are required for apps to run unattended processes.
  2. Rather than sharing the app with individual users, try sharing the app directly with the group (assuming this is synced to Automation Cloud) that you want to provide access to the app. Be aware that after a user is added to an AD group there may be up to a 30-minute delay while permissions are propagating before they get access to the app.

If this isn’t the issue, please share the exact error message you’re seeing.