"A task was canceled." error occurs when I try connect from UiPath Runtime to Orchestrator


I am new to UiPath but managed to establish a connection between Robot and Orchestrator (on-premise). It worked. Now, I am trying to do the same on Cloud (https://platform.uipath.com) Community Edition as well.

When I try connect, it gives me an error “A task was canceled.” Can someone help how I can resolve this error?


  1. Open an account on Cloud (UiPath Orchestrator Community Edition).
  2. Install a UiPath Studio.
  3. Add a machine on Orchestrator and get a Machine Key.
  4. Copy and Paste the Machine Key from Orchestrator to Runtime. I entered https://platform.uipath.com for the Orchestrator URL.
  5. “A task was canceled.” error occurs.


Hi @kensho76,
Welcome to the Community!
Can you show the error details?

I am sorry, but when I restarted the system the issue is gone.


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