The problem with merge 2 table in UiPath

I have 2 table (image below) and I wanna merge it into one table.
Condition: [借入の種類]=[決算期(月数)]⇒the other way: [2016年5月]=[2016年5月(12)]
I will try to do like below:

  1. Use excel application scope to read all those two table and use read range to get the datatable…and then merge the datatable I have an option called merge datatable where provide theiput as out_table_1 as source and out_table_2 as destinaton
  2. Finally, use write range to write that datatable to another excel sheet

But before merging them, I dont know how to check condition (index name), so I can’t merge them.
Can you help me, please!

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I hope you are joining the tables right @Phuong_Bui ?

For that you can use Join DT activity, please.