Trying to copy one table to another table

Hello all,

I do the below:

1)create a table from “read range” from excel
2)create another table from “read range” from excel

I want to copy the contents of one table to another but i always get errors.

Could you please help?

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May I know what was the error your were getting
We can use MERGE DATATABLE ACTIVITY where mention one dt as input to source property and another as destination property
So that they will get merged together
But ensure that both datatable has same order of columns, same datatype of columns and same number of columns
Else we will face issue

Cheers @the.christopoulos

@Palaniyappan Thank you very much for the fast reply.

It worked fine now. There was one more column. in one datatable. My mistake.

It works now . :slight_smile:

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