A Job that I started never gets to running state

Dear All ,

At the orchestrator when I started a job , that job never starts and it only shows as in ‘Pending’ state.

This way I am never gonna able trust any processers that I do schedule in the orchestrator. :frowning:

What might be the issue ? Please refer the following screen shots :slight_smile:

Thank You !

Hi @Rusira_Liyanage

Try to start your Uipath assistance !

Check whether any process is running already!


Hi @Rusira_Liyanage ,

Generally status show pending when another job is running on same machine.
Just make sure other process should complete it’s run only then new process get executed.

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Hii @ermanoj3101

Thank you for your clarification !
I don’t think any other process was running.
This may be an another issue

Hii @pravin_calvin

Thank you for your clarification.
I just checked out and no process were running in the assistance :frowning:

Hi @Rusira_Liyanage,

Could you try to restart all of UiPath’s service(s) on robot machine. I’m experience this sometimes. Or restart the machine would help in some case.
Can you share for the robot version as well?


Hiii @mita29

I should be having latest UiPath Robot since I am using latest updates of studio.

Anyways , how to restart all of services ?

Thank You !

Go to Task Manager, Click on “Services” tab and search for UiRobotSvc and restart(or start) it by right clicking on it and selecting restart (or start) option

Hi @Rusira_Liyanage ,

This usually happens in 2 cases - either process is running currently on that machine or robot/license assigned for execution is not in proper configuration which is why allocation is not being done.

Could you please check user/machine assigned to the folder has license as active under licenses tab at tenant level?