A job is stuck in Terminating and cannot be removed

A job cannot be removed on Orchestrator. It is stuck in Terminating.

You can create SQL query to identify the terminating state job, the following is the list of state code used in the dbo.jobs table.

1.      Pending-0

2.      Running-1

3.      Stopping-2

4.      Terminating-3

5.      Faulted-4

6.      Successful-5

7.      Stopped-6

The following query can be handy.

First check are you getting the terminate process in table, execute the below query to get it

Select * from [UiPath].[dbo].[Jobs] where Jobs.State=3

Then update the terminating state to faulted, so that the terminating state is changed to faulted.

Update [UiPath].[dbo].[Jobs] set jobs.state=4 where Jobs.State=3