25th April Release of UiPath Community Edition 2019.4.2 working properly?

25th April Release of UiPath Community Edition 2019.4.2 working properly???

I’ve been doing the Advanced level training and submitted my second project which worked 100%. However do the last part I’m now experiencing many problems with UiPath, specifically the basic clicking of buttons or identifying elements exist on the web page. The kicker is that my previous process, “the updating of comments on the Work Items page” which obviously works 100% in the previous submitted project now fails with the new version of UiPath Community 2019.4.2. This seems very strange and I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar? Basically I’ve now ground to a halt as the inconsistency in execution means the project will execute on one QueueItem data and then fail (time out) on the next one due to not being able to click on a button (which it did previously) or find an element on the page. Also after the first iteration the performance of the robot slows down dramatically, again very strange.


  1. Can I rollback the update to 2019.4.1 which I’m assuming will be more stable and works?
  2. Is there a new update coming out soon, which may be better?

Interested to hear if others are experiencing these and other issue with 2019.4.2 version of UiPath Community Edition?

Hello @GuidoLL,
Please try to install previous version of dependencies to check if the problem will be still.

Thank you for the picture and instructions upon how to go back a version, this has helped somewhat with processes that I have written prior to the auto upgrade and reduced some inconsistencies. I’m still concerned how slow the project is, whether this is due to the website or UiPath.

Kind regards

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