Is UIPath Community Edition buggy? Or is it just me?


I’m working thru Level 1 Foundation training. I’m at lesson 9. So far I have spent way to many hours on, what I believe to be, bugs and kinks, in UIPath CE 2019.4.2.

There are problems with focus on the running application, selectors, recordings, and now, reading Excell file (I should be able to read the file internally, with the visibility un-checked, without excell being installed, on Windows 10 pro).

My question is, does any one else feel the pain of this tool? Like, it has so much potential, but I’m starting to doubt if we should commit to this.
Is the enterprise version better? More stable?

Best regards.

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Hi @bmildh

We would like to hear more feedback from you :slight_smile: Could you be more specific for each of the above-mentioned issues? This way we could address those either by further explaining certain concepts or even fixing bugs in Studio :slight_smile:

I will agree with you that Studio still has some quirks here and there, but those are being systematically removed by our tireless Product Team. Also, lot’s of ideas also come directly from this very Forum, so please do not hesitate to suggest improvements!

I would love to dive into specifics if you have time.

Lastly, the Enterprise edition is basically the same as the Community one. But to answer your question - it gets better with time. I kind of shared your thoughts when I started making bots about a year ago, but so many useful things were added since then that it was worth to stick to it :slight_smile:

can you please share any screenshot of your problem

I’m planning on making a documented list of issues with test cases. I have some raw notes of the things that caused me grief. However, I’m limited for time right now. I will happily provide the feedback on a later time, probably post it on the forum.

I will stick with UIPath for now, It is still early days for us, just evaluating our options. UIPath came recommended to us because of It’s big community.