2 Queues in the same Performer

Hello everyone, I have a slightly more delicate question. Is it possible to access 2 queues in a single process? The idea is that I have a robot in ReFremork and I would like to know if it is possible that after the first processed queue it feels that it has one more to process. I need this job because a parameter from an end point changes at the second queue and I would like to do this dynamically.

In short, the process is like this: take the first queue β†’ process all the values in it β†’ write it in a csv; after it has finished processing everything from the first β†’ take it on the 2nd β†’ change the parameter-> process the 2nd queue β†’ write in another csv.

Thank you very much


You can configure it to…add a if condition in your get transaction data and check if the transaction item is nothing then check the second queue and get the transaction item

and in the condition you can also set any other variables like different csv file for each type of retreival


But how does he know when the first queue to process is finished (and here I mean the whole thing), so he can start with a2a?


Get transaction item will return empty so the transationitem is empty from the activity ,…that is when you know queue is empty and that is what would be the if condition ISNothing(out_transactionItem)

on then side use get transaction item again now for second queue


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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