How to Setup Multiple Instances of Performer for Same Queue

Hello - I am looking for some help on how to run multiple instances of the same performer pulling transactions from the same queue. How do we need to set up the automation so that its not pulling the same queue items as the other instance? Thank you!

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the architectural concept is about to get processed the workqueue and its item with 1 or more bots. Once the QueueItem is retrieved for processing it will not be processed twice from another bot.

Maybe you can elaborate more on your question in case of it is still open. We assume you are working the standard get Transaction Item

Ahh okay, so we could set it up to pull lets say 20 queue items.

I start instance 1 - and it pulls 20 items (those 20 are now off limits for any other instance)

I start instance 2 - it pulls the next 20 items

Is that correct? I am also going to loop my developer to this as well.

as mentioned get transaction item will change the status from new to in progress. Other get transaction item calls will not get this already in process / processed transation item again.

elaborate more on it on what you mean with this and how you had implemented. Thanks