19.11 Preview Release

I am using the windows scheduler to schedule bots which needs to be run on daily basis or weekly basis. Thanks for this. I think this will be more smoother.


when arrive the new version with that feature?

For the enterprise version, considering the release strategy, it should be April 2020.

As announced in February in this blog post, UiPath changed their release schedule to release 2 versions anually, one around April (Fast Track Support) and anotherone around October (Long Term Support).


Wow, yes… this does make a lot of sense. There are so many options with this feature…thanks… btw… Hurry!..:smiley:

I just loved it. I have one feedback it will be very good if the reminding pop-up will be optional.


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Great News

yes! it would be great :blush:

This is great feature. Really this is very useful for long running workflow process. Great… :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:



Awesome features


I’m having issues with Git integration in this version. When two Git users try to commit and push, the second user is prompted to pull (rebase) and this does not work (screenshot below). Pull (rebase) still works when done separately. Note, this wasn’t an issue on my friends machine who was running 19.7. He then upgraded and now faces the same issue as I do.

Once the error has occurred, Studio gets stuck in a loop of trying to rebase and then throwing an error.

Currently the only fix to this loop is to completely remove the local repository (including .git folder) and then clone it again.

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I am unable to download 19.11.0-beta 2

hi @hk803592,
all our Community Preview releases are available on Cloud Portal. We just released 19.12 Preview, which can be downloaded from the Resource Center.
See more details here:2019.12 Preview Release

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Hi @AWoz, could you please let us know if for the situation described above, you are using an external tool such as Git Bash or Git Extensions? Also, the 2 users are trying to edit the same file, or different files before performing the commit and push? Thanks in advance!

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