Zooming Image using scroll bar in mouse

Hi All,
I’m extracting a text from image which is less in pixel size so OCR is returns some garbage values if i some in the picture pixel is also increasing and image is clear at that it was extracting correctly !! so i want to zoom the image by using scrolling up and down how can i achieve this help me to get out of this.

How to perform scroll up and down in image to zoom in windows photo viewer

Thanks in advance !!!

Hi @Sriram07,
Unfortunate the default Windows 10 photo viewer don’t have possibility to zoom by using scroll. You need external app for this I think.

Anyother way using uipath??

Have you tried to use different OCR engines?
You have attributes like “scale”, “invert colors”. Try to experiment with this.

you can use send hotkey “Ctrl+plus sign”
Please have a look at below picture,



I’m not finding this + plus key in that keys drop-down

I’m using tesseract ocr because other than this all ocr returns empty string only , so tell me something which works for tesseract ocr.
Accuracy is 0.8
And scale is 2 I think so
How can I improve in better way

For Send Hotkey activity just write “+” sign into the “key” section. You don’t need to find it in dropdown list.
Regarding engine - it depends of image which is used to OCR. I can’t tell you which exact engine you should use. You need to experiment to choose the best one with good option settings for your image.

please see @Pablito suggestion.

Thanks a ton @Pablito

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Sorry @Pankaj.Patil its not working , there is no changes were happening when i’m running code with send hotkey with “+”.

Have you indicated the window of photo viewer application for Send Hotkey activity? Make sure also that it’s opened in with the image already when you are starting the process. I have tested it and it is working perfectly.

yeah of course everything i did but i don’t why it was not working

Can you show the properties you are using for this activity?

In my organisation i cannot take screenshot so please will you send some sample file for my understanding or screenshot

Let me just send you my settings:

PS. You can use Windows Snipping Tool to make just screenshot of a part of your screen without sending any other sensitive data :wink:

yeah same settings i’m also using

shall i use type into with + sign it will work?

@Sriram07 - There will be zoom icon with + symbol once you have opened the image right? Try click that button.

I have tried that click zoom button and send hot key of “Right” worked for zoom.


@Sriram07, this should be worked for you or attach your workflow to see your properties and code.

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