Move on image

Hi everyone!
I have a specific program that is displayed as an image. How can I Move in this program without using hotkeys?

Thanks for your help!

Buddy if its a image been projected to you, then we have to use send hot keys to move across buddy, as click or hover might fail anytime, while send hot key is more reliable in such scenarios
kindly correct me if i have understood the query wrongly
Cheers @Danileyko

You understand it correctly. But may be me can use some function to get numbered list and navigate using the numbers in this list

Because if we will use hot key we will have infinite loop with lust element

yes buddy we can use list that stores the number or any text we want to click and pass them one by one to a activity called click ocr text with a for each loop, but that is not reliable and ocr activities are generally slow when compared to send hot key activity.
may be to take that as alternative way we can go for this buddy @Danileyko



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Kindly try that and let know buddy @Danileyko