Send hotkey is not working

I’m trying to zoom in the image by giving send hotkey cntrl + “+” . its not working
check the picture attached below and help me to solve this

Thanks in Advance

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Buddy to zoom in use ctrl and uparrow buddy…

No its not working, Windows photo viewer supports only cntrl + “+”

Enable sendwindowmessage property and try buddy… @Sriram07

NO bro its not working tell some other way to get rid of this @Palaniyappan

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Just try plus sign alone buddy… uncheck the ctrl…
Cheers @Sriram07

No bro that also not working @Palaniyappan

But that s what s mentioned buddy…

May be enable the special key property and try buddy…with plus alone

not working bro
is it possible to automate scrolling of mouse ??? to zoom image @Palaniyappan

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The key he is talking about is the + on the numpad which should work.

Try putting into Send Hotkey “plus” (enable Special Key) without Ctrl.
It should work, I tested it myself.


Try with plus buddy…that should work…
Cheers @Sriram07

Thanks a ton !!!
Worked cheers!!

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