Zip files in a folder

Hello friends,

I’m trying to zip files into a folders via uipath :slight_smile:

I created a loop and inside it i used the activity, but this put only the first file
Envoi de rapport quotidient.xaml (35.1 KB)

@abdel ,

For multiple files you need to use “|” char between each file name.
eg: “Count Activities in xaml.xaml|Sequence5.xaml|SubstringUnicodeChars.xaml|GetOutlookMails.xaml”

which files? the folders contain .xlsx files!!!

@abdel ,

Yes, then you need to give all the .xlsx files with “|” delimeter.

still not understand your thought: where to put the “|”, this cahr is not allowed in the file names!

@abdel ,
In the Add Files parameter you need to that, if you select multiple files then you will see that automatically. If you need to get it dynamically then get list of files and join those file name with this “|” symbol.

i must use it in a loop:

for each report in Directory.GetFiles(path)

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