XML data processing


how to process XML data files in an RPA program , when there is a future possibility for XML attribute / tag names changes . I dont prefer to change my RPA program everytime there is a change in the tag/attribute names while processing/reading the XML documents. Looking for a slick solution to this problem…Thanks !


Maybe you can create variables for each attribute or tag that may change in the future and use them when working with XML instead hard coded values.

This way you can change only the variable instead changing all the xml activities. Optionally you can use input arguments instead of variables so you can pass changing tags/attributes from outside your workflow.



Thanks Adrian

Once I use the XDocument object to read a large XML file to extract its attributes/tags , how can I assign these to a set of UiPath variables / data set /collection in UiPath as I read them in a dynamic fashion ? or should I define/declare these variables before I read the XML ?

example : 100000 , Can I declare a UiPath variable called mySalary and assign in one shot while reading the XML ??

Imagine there are about 200 attributes/tags that I have to read… since the tags / attributes may change often , I don’t prefer to declare them in advance…

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