Read out request with xml

I want to automate a process in which an application is entered in the form of xml and then the values from the xml should be stored so that I can continue working with them and transfer the content to another software. I have read and deserialize the xml and than I used a for each loop. In which each element from the xDocument is looped over. So far I have simply used write line in the loop and then output the element.value. How can I store these values individually and then access them?
In the best case i get Variables or something like this for each Element.Value and the name of the Variable should be the Element.Name is this possible ?

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Can you share specific sample : input and expected output?



thanks for the reply. Here is a section from the xml which is the input:



Now i need to store the Value for example 01.01.2000 and the name of the line “DATE_Geburtsdatum” somehow to use it later and transfer it into a input field in a software.