Reading Variables Name and Annotaions from UIPath XAML Files

Hello to All,

i’m developing now a roboter for automotation of other RPA Proceses. I would like to read from existing XAML-File all Variablesnames and accorded Annotation. I found an example, where the path of invoked Workflow can be readed. I tried to change the example for reading Variablesnames but it doesnt work. Can anybody help me. I’m really stuck in here. I guess it could be wrong XPath Expression for filtering the variables nodes in XAML.


Hi @Aleks_Bari

you have to give argument name instead of variable

Ashwin S

Hallo Ashwin,

thank you for your quick answer. I want extract a List of variables names and annotations according to them.
I think I need to filter the all “<Variable…>”- XML Nodes from UiPath-XAML and then read the Attributes of them (Name; Annotation etc)

This Oneliner from the second “For Each” don’t filter the Nodes, where the Variables are defined.

I hope i have clearly expressed my challenge :grinning:

I have a python script for this. You can invoke that in uipath and use it to get the required output. Let me know if you need it.

for obj_NamespaceManager, what will be the namespace u will add since it dont have any prefix like x for argument