XAML is opening files in a different folder

Hi there,

So i’ve been given a xaml to work on - it was in a different folder before. I’ve changed the filepaths to grab and open an excel in the current directory so I’ve just named the file in the WorkbookPath (no folder structure which i assume is correct).

The issue is that the xaml/process opens a file with the same name but in a different folder (I guess the main folder whilst im using a sub folder).
Besides the obvious filepaths that need changing, is there anything else in UIPath that needs to be changed/considered when messing with a xaml that had been in a different file structure? The only way i can stop the wrong file from being opened is to put the full filepath in the WorkbookPath…

Just wondering if the json neeeds changing (its an old xaml so its been around for a while).

Any insight would be fantastic - thanks in advance

Hi @calOn8 ,

You need to change the project.json file and put the name of the folder in which the xaml file currently is in the “name” parameter. In the “main” parameter put your xaml file name. Hope this helps.