Opening an xaml file

is anyone else facing an issue with opening of xaml shared files in UiPath ?

Are you facing any issue?
Can you post the screenshot of your issue?

Better to share the xaml file along with the corresponding project.json file so you won’t get any

yes, no error! just that a file isn’t opening in my system. one more with same issue !!!

Can you elaborate a bit :slight_smile:

ExcelApplicationScope.xaml (11.2 KB) so if i try to open this file. i do not get any error but the file is not opening using uipathstudio

its opening for me. How are you trying to open that?

Try this steps if you are not able to open it with double click:

  1. Place it in a particular folder may be desktop
  2. Open the studio
  3. Click on open
  4. Navigate to the desktop or wherver you have this file
  5. Click ok after selecting the file. This will open
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worked! thanks !! not sure why double click is not functioning.

What’s happening when you click on it?

Make sure you have changed the properties like, open the files with UiPath when the file is with xaml extension

yes,it has been modified in properties…anyway thank you buddy!

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