Hello, I cannot refer to xaml files or open excel files as I get child missing or workflow cannot be foudn issue, how to solve?

Hi all,

Since the last update I am having a lot of issues and problems which earlier weren’t there. I have no clue how to solve this. First of all when I refer to some xaml files I get the following:

HyperionRefresh.xaml (7.9 KB)
MEC Break Even Report.xaml (1.2 MB)
Project.Json (1.9 KB)
I don’t know why I try to refer to xaml files, use process excel scope, copy paste, everything and every time it doesn’t work. The new version is at this moment not properly working for me and is there a possibility to roll back?

It is the part with between hyper and break even where we have the excel process scope and refer to xaml

Hi @Marco_Willigenburg,

Can you share detailed screenshots?

The workflow and maybe the workflow’s file path etc.


I just added the files, hope you can help :slight_smile:
It is part of a bigger bot, so I only referred to the relevant files, the problem is currently on all files which I invoke new excel processes (old ones are OK though)

Hi @Marco_Willigenburg

Is this a Windows project? Windows projects require you to have your files in the same project folder (where root is the level with the project.json file). This is due to its pre-compiled nature.

Is it maybe the case that the XAML file you are referencing is not “part” of the project in this way?

Hi Maciej, It is all in the same folder, unfortunately I keep getting this even in the same file…

Since the new release this keeps happening in all kind of files, I am not sure if it is the server here that can cause such errors or if it is in the program as sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Lately there are so many child errors that I just have to rerun whole projects (and this than also give errors that the xaml isn’t found even if it is the main.xaml (without any additions). So my question is that is this the SW, is it intentional to have such child error on there or is it the on site server here?