UiPath unable to find files in same folder as XAML

I find that I’m having to specify the full path to my input and output Excel files which, according to everything I’ve read/heard, is not the way it’s supposed to work. Documentation and tutorials all say that by default all files will be in the same directory as the XAML, unless specified otherwise.

Unless I’m understanding it incorrectly.

It’s getting in the way of trying to share/demonstrate our stuff with our compatriots.

Anyone able to shed some light on what’s going on here?



Hi Daniel,

What Studio version do you have? And UiPath.Excel.Activities pack version?

If the excel file is not in your project folder you have to give the full path. If it is, just type the file name: “test.xlsx”.

Hi Ovi;

Sorry not to reply earlier. Was out all last week. I’m using the Community Edition. I’m not sure what’s going on with these file paths. I’ve had some, especially tutorial examples, that work as you described… put it in the same folder as the XAML and you’re golden. But when I try to apply that to my own files, which are in a subfolder, along with the XAML, for some reason it insists on the full path.

The behavior is as following:

  • If only the XAML file is in that subfolder, it will give the full path.
  • If you add the project.json file to that subfolder it will be the relative path.

Ah, cool! I’m seeing how that works now. Thanks!