XAML file disappeared...where did it go?

Hi All. I’ve been working on flowchart in Studio for a few hours…then suddenly the file disappeared. I’m fairly certain I didn’t delete it. It was on my local C: drive, but not in the recycle bin.

Does studio have any backups, or where do deleted files go? Are there safeguards to prevent this? Thanks.

It may have been accidentally moved into one of the project subfolders or some other folder. Be sure to check there first.

To answer your question about deletions that don’t go to the recycle bin, they are non-recoverable. If you deleted the file from a shared network drive, the default deletion method is to remove it completely. If it was on your C drive, it’s likely that you just accidentally moved it somewhere.

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Hello @steve3886

In addition to Anthony_Humphries answer, for the safeguards, you should use version control


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OK thanks. I searched the sublolders. The file has just evaporated from my C drive. I’ll restore the last version from git.

I of course do, I just don’t check in continuously.



Hi Steve,
If you did not find your lost file in the recycle bin so once try to search the file by name. If the file is not deleted then it may appear in the search result. Secondly, you can also check the recent items if you have open the file just before. In case you don’t have backup then you can try any third party free data recovery utility like recuva, stellar data recovery free edition, etc. These programs will help you to recover your lost file from your C drive. These free utility programs capable to recover formatted data, lost data, deleted data easily. Thanks

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Thanks Sandra.

I just checked this, and my file turned out to have mistakenly been moved to the “screenshots” folder! Wow, thanks you saved me a looooootttttt of time!