Help! Lost 2 days of work! How can I recover the previous version of the file?

I had this project I was working for 2-3 days.

Then I started a new Flowchart. Inserted a flowchart.

And closed the old one!!

It’s madness because it is so unlike the workflow of other software! All other software, if you open a new “project”/“flowchart”/“spreadsheet”, it is a new FILE… so you close the tab with the old one and if you save, it doesn´t affect the old one you were working on!!!

But I saved after closing the old project… lost two days of work. How would I know?

Anyway… is there ANY way to recover the old file?


Can you please check this post and see if it works for you.

I did not save on the network. And I did not delete the file. I changed the project (by accident, because I did not knew it was the same file) and saved it. And I want to recover an old version.

Well, right from the start when I read about having multiple projects inside a file I thought that was weird. Did not realize I would hate it so soon.

ok. Was able to recover it. It’s not very clear and in fact very confusing.

But there is a project.json for the “whole” project, and also severeal xaml files.

I still had the xaml files with all the work I had done. But when trying to open to Project Json it was opening only the last version, which had only the test.xaml

that’s VERY confusing. How to know when I am saving the whole project (.json) or only a… how do UiPath calls a xaml? A subproject?


This might helps you in Project.Json query.