How to restore .xaml file?


I unfortunately deleted a file from my UiPath project while cleaning up. I deleted the file from within UiPath.

The project is located on a network drive and it seems to be the case that I cannot see the file in the “recycle bin” on my PC.

Do you have any ideas, if I can recover the file? Or if the deleted file is placed somewhere random?


Did you try this?

Right click on network folder> properties> previous version> select older version.


I tried that, yes. Unfortunately, it did not show anything. Thanks for the


Hi, I hope I still can help you.

Yesterday, I faced almost the same problem.

I changed Windows from 10 to 7 and have forgotten to save my saves from Witcher :frowning:
I was searching for some way to take them back and finally I got to the site, where you can find a proggram that can restore up to 100 MB for free so I managed to save a huge amount of time because I have played a week.