URGENT - "Typeinto" Activity - Type Text bug while typing C:\

There is a bug in type text activity, I’m trying to save a PDF wile in a particular location, The path of the PDF will be
However while running this in RE Framework
if i increase the property “DelayBetweenKeys” to 1000
then i get

so the C: is sometimes C; sometimes C|.

Has anyone faced this issue?
@PrankurJoshi, @KarthikByggari

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I won’t see this kind of issue till now. Do one thing, Give 1 or 2 seconds delay before Type Into activity and then try once.

Could you please show me your Type Into activity properties once.

Not faced the issue.
Try saving the path in a string variable and pass the variable in the Type Into activity.

Karthik Byggari


I haven’t faced this issue before.

You can try Set Text activity instead of Type into.

already assigned the string path to a variable and then pass that variable to this activity, still variation in the characters.

Yes i have to give 2 or more seconds then the bug is resolved.

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Set text will also encounter this.

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