Wrong data scraping

Hello all,

I am using the Community edition. Thank you for any help.

I have what, to me, is a longish process and my results are not correct. I am reading an Excel data table and then pulling a number in a column using the variable strAWB. I then paste that variable into an internal website. Then I check if the value is greater than 200. If it is, I change the file name and stop. If the value is at or below 200 I continue by using data scraping to read as a table on the website as below

I am using an Assign for the third column as below
and I am using an Assign for the seventh column as below
The problem I’m having is that instead of the data scrape returning the table as above, it is returning the contents of the variable strAWB and I don’t understand how this is possible. What am I doing wrong? Please see my Main
Main.xaml (55.9 KB)

Thank you in advance

So it appears to be still pulling from the initial Excel data table instead of the second data scrape that I did in the second process. What have I missed?

So I’ve narrowed down the issue. The data table is not saving to Excel. All I get is a blank table. How do I fix it?